Weekly Links & Loves

Weekly Links & Loves


This is the first of our list of things that we are loving this week!

1. I don't know about you BUT I lose my keys in my tote bag at least once a day! It was super frustrating until I got a FOBSKEY! My new friend Cat creates these super functional keychains that you can wrap around your wrist. They are all handmade (which you know I love) and the prints are so pretty.

2. Beautycounter Counter + All Bright Serum! This stuff smells so good and of course, it's Beautycounter so I love that all the products are good for you. It makes my skin feel super hydrated and smooth.

3. Anyone else out there into nutrition and food? I've always been interested in food and how it affects my body. I've done Whole30 several times and I did it again this year as a reset. I wanted to learn more and our financial advisor (of all people) introduced us to Shelly Can Help. Her videos, website and FB group have really taught me so much about the effect that food has on our bodies.

4. Our NEW sustainably made kitchen utensils! Each piece is handmade from wood found in the makers, Dickinson Woodworking, local midwest community. I love the beauty and quality of a good wooden spoon. My favorite one is probably the tasting spoon. No more sticking your spoon into your sauce to taste it and the sticking that same spoon in the pot (germs!), the tasting spoon as 2 sides; one for stirring and one for tasting. Perfect!

5. Dazzle Dry nail polish-I can't tell you the number of times people ask me about my nail polish color. I am a nail girl, I almost always have polish on my nails. I used to do Gel a lot but I was finding that it was leaving my nails really weak so my bestie introduced me to Dazzle Dry. It's non-toxic, dries in 5 minutes (for real!) and lasts over a week! They have a huge variety of colors too. It's a little more expensive then regular polish but it's cheaper then getting them done.

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