Meet The Maker: Jessica from Chatterbomb Clothing

Meet The Maker: Jessica from Chatterbomb Clothing

Heart graphic tee


There are so many messages in the world today, it can become overwhelming! I wanted a more subtle approach to have a reminder that we hold close to the heart all day long...

Chatterbomb Clothing is the dream of Jessica Collins and the heart behind the company is what we love so much!

Jessica lives in Canton,GA with her hubby and 3 kiddos and their mission is to "spread love one tee at a time".

In 2018 Jessica started Chatterbomb to create a brand that used authentic universal messages to uplift spirits and connect people. Each of her super soft tees spreads the love by having a sweet message on the inside chest (on the heart, for the heart). 

Each tee is buttery soft and can be worn just as easily with jeans and leggings as a long skirt.

Chatterbomb's heart graphic tee is one of my favs and has been a best seller. 


Move mountains t shirt


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