3 Tips For Making Gift Giving Easy

3 Tips For Making Gift Giving Easy

Tips for making gift giving simple

Owning a gift shop, we meet lots of people of who come looking for the perfect gift for their friend, mom, daughter, daughter in law, whomever! They usually come in and say "I need a gift but don't know what to get for this person...they are hard to shop for".

So I thought I would share some tips to make your gift giving just a little simpler.

1. At the beginning of the month sit down for 5 minutes with your calendar and write down any birthdays or special events that you have coming up that you might need to buy a gift for.

2. Check our your friends (or your gift recipients) social media! This can tell you a lot about the sorts of things they might like or hobbies they might have or their personal style. This can be really useful if the person you're buying a gift for is someone you don't know super well, like a co-worker.  One thing I hear often is that "i just don't know what they like"

3. Keep a stock of simple, universal gifts for last minute events. Keep a couple candles, dry craft cocktails or body butters in the closet for when you need a hostess gift, a welcome to the neighborhood gift or last minute birthday present.


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