How To Create A Stunning Basket Wall

If you have an empty wall staring back at you and you're looking to create something beautiful a basket wall is simple and makes a statement.

These baskets are all handmade in Zimbabwe by the Tonga people and were originally designed for winnowing grains. Their natural and neutral colors add tons of texture to your space.

1. Measure out your space to figure out about how many baskets you will need to fill the space. 
2. Determine which the grouping of baskets that you want. Typically an odd number works best if you are creating something more organic but even numbers look great for something more symmetrical
3. Lay out your design on the floor and play with it until you are happy with the way it looks.
4. Use Command strips as hooks because they are easy to put up and you can rearrange them easily. Each of these baskets has a loop on back to quickly hang it up!
5. Hang your baskets up and enjoy your instagram worthy, ethically made wall art!