3 Ways To Look Cute On Your Next Zoom Call

3 Ways To Look Cute On Your Next Zoom Call

Who else is constantly on zoom and who else quickly turns off their camera before everyone gets on?? 

So for your next meeting click on that camera and look super cute! You can be in your comfiest jammies on the bottom but on the top grab one these ideas and you'll be stylin'.

1. Wrap a pretty spring scarf around your neck. Brighter colors will make your face shine and make you feel a bit more put together. These scarves from Fair Anita 

spring scarf fair trade


2. No time to do your hair before your first meeting? No problem! Pop on a cute headband and you're all set. These from Matr Boomie are all ethically made and revenue from their products fund community development. So you can look good and feel good doing it.

tie dye headband
3. Dress things up with a fun pair of earrings. Bring the bling and look pulled together in a flash!
fair trade earrings


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