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Banana Leaf Tray-Chevron

Banana Leaf Tray-Chevron

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Ethically made and beautifully crafted home organization 

These trays are crafted utilizing locally gathered leaves and stalks of banana trees.

These trays can be used in an endless variety of ways throughout your home! From serving guests a delicious snack to organizing items in your bathroom to displaying treasures on your coffee table. The smallest tray fits US letter-size paper, and the medium and large trays are are perfect for serving a 9″x13” baking pan- and keeping your dish warm!  The three trays of the set nest inside one another for easy storage.

Size: 16” x 12” x 3” (large), 14” x 10” x 2.5” (medium), and 12.5” x 9” x 2” (small)

Wipe with damp cloth.

About the Artisans

People Fighting For Development Cooperative

Abaharaniriterambere Cooperative began with one woman who had a desire to change the world around her. Immaculee Nyiramuhakwa was well aware of the poverty in her home and community. But she was also aware of the value of the weaving skills she possessed. At Immaculee’s invitation, a group of poor women from the community came together and began to learn a craft with the hope of earning a livelihood. More than 15 years later, the Abaharaniriterambere Cooperative – a group of 26 women and 2 men – is working with excellence in their area of specialty, creating functional household items from banana leaves.

The group’s goal is to develop themselves and their community through their art. The artisans currently work in the local schoolyard in Nyaruguru District, but they dream of building their own weaving house.

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